Event report: 4th Blockchain-In-Use Conference, 14 September 2023

Blockchain in use Conference 2023

14 September 2023

4th Blockchain-In-Use Conference

The 4th Blockchain in Use conference provided a comprehensive perspective on how blockchain technology can assist in addressing the prevailing challenges across diverse industries. Additionally, it delved into the existing barriers hindering broader adoption and strategies for overcoming them.

The conference, organised by CHAISE partner BerChain in the framework of Berlin Blockchain Week, saw several representatives from the CHAISE partnership participating in as panelists.

These panelists included Sebastian Becker and Mariana de la Roche Wills from INATBA and Santiago Abraham from BerChain. Their presentations focused on the obstacles hindering the widespread adoption of blockchain technologies and the current state of the sector. They also highlighted the significance of the CHAISE Consortium in addressing these challenges and emphasized its role in promoting blockchain education and bridging the future gap between the demand for and supply of blockchain professionals.