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CHAISE - Blockchain Skills in Europe

CHAISE Introduction in collaboration with DLT Austria

What do Spanish University students know about Blockchain?

Decentralized solutions for the digitalization of industry and smart cities and communities

Le professioni della Blockchain - Focus sul Blockchain Manager”

Introducing CHAISE digital course: “Mastering Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies”

Overview of the CHAISE curriculum

What impact is blockchain currently having on the EU Labour Market?

An overview of the CHAISE project

Interview on blockchain skills with Michaela Bednárová, INATBA academic advisory board member

The CHAISE project explained by project coordinator Prof. Parisa Ghodous

CHAISE – Tackling the Blockchain Skills Gap

Predstavitev projekta CHAISE, Center RS za poklicno izobraževanje

Blockchain Skills in need - the recruiters' perspective (Part I)

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya engaged for blockchain skills

Blockchain skills for professionals - Interview with the Folks Finance Team Skills Demand in Europe

CIMEA's experience with blockchain technology and EBSI




CHAISE – the delivery of academic material on Blockchain technologies

ULTRA Project: Reskilling and Upskilling for a Sustainable Society

Become a part of Blockchain’s future with CHAISE

Join the Blockchain Skills Alliance

Blockchain Training Pilot - Behind the Scenes

CHAISE Work package 5 explained

SME guide on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

CHAISE paper presented at the 30th EuroSPI Conference

The IOTA Foundation and its commitment to blockchain skills via the CHAISE project

Blockchain as a Countermeasure Solution for Security Threats of Healthcare Applications

Η Πανευρωπαϊκή Τομεακή Συνεργασία για την ανάπτυξη δεξιοτήτων Blockchain

Habilidades de Blockchain para Europa

Developing blockchain skills for the European market

Job profiles in the blockchain industry

International Discussion at the EuroAsiaSPI 2021 International Conference

ESRI on Blockchain Skills Demand in Europe

Smart contracts: The basics


Embrace Blockchain Technology with CHAISE

Blockchain and Sustainability - How does that go together?

Interview with Prof. Themistocleous, University of Nicosia (UNIC) about the UNIC Metaverse Course

Nadaljnje aktivnosti na projektu CHAISE

Interview with CrystalChain

Mastering Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies - CHAISE digital course

Blockchain for Refugees

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders Blockchain Training Simulation & Learning from Real World Use Cases

BerChain - How the Berlin Blockchain ecosystem addresses the blockchain skills gap

Italia4Blockchain and blockchain education

Blockchain for the recognition of qualifications and diplomas

Blockchain Essentials - a video by the Greek Ministry of Education

ACQUIN e.V. - Certification and quality assurance for training programmes

Bridging the blockchain skills gap

CHAISE project Boosting Blockchain Skills for Europe by Fujitsu Belgium

CPI and CHAISE project activities presentation

Introducing Smart Contract development tools box