Event report: Blockchain Education & DeImp23 Conference, 08 December 2023

DeImp23 Conference

08 December 2023

The DeImp23 conference, organised by BerChain and positiveblockchain.io, served as a dynamic platform to bring together innovators in the blockchain and web3 space and showcase ground-breaking solutions that drive sustainable transformation.

The event explored key topics such as climate action, ReFi, digital inclusion, and governance, providing a comprehensive overview of the potential impact of these technologies.

In this context, CHAISE was introduced to the conference audience by its partner BerChain, who highlighted the critical need for skilled Blockchain specialists to effectively harness the transformative power of this technology and explained how the CHAISE Blockchain skills digital course can be leveraged by both students and professionals to acquire the necessary knowledge of Blockchain and DLT and specialise as one the blockchain professional profiles identified by CHAISE Blockchain skills needs and demand analysis.

Afterwards, there was also the opportunity to introduce the CHAISE Alliance and the CHAISE statement of support, showing how interested organisations can engage and contribute to the project’s objectives as CHAISE Associated partners or support its results. The event has also seen the participation of panellists from IOTA foundation which is also part of the CHAISE project partnership.