Expert Advisory Board


The CHAISE Expert Advisory Board is a group of experts in the Blockchain field, nominated by CHAISE partnership organisations, to provide technical and scientific support to the Alliance based on their expert knowledge and institutional capacity, with primary mission to overview and assess the progress and outcomes of the European Blockchain Skills Strategy.

The Expert Advisory Board is missioned to:

  • Help demarcate the Blockchain sector and set the directions for skills intelligence gathering activities
  • Discuss sectoral trends and macro-environment developments
  • Validate the evidence from skills intelligence gathering activities (incl. forecasting results)
  • Provide advice on the customization of the CHAISE forecasting mechanism
  • Monitor and discuss the progress of the European Blockchain skills strategy
  • Update/revise the European Blockchain skills strategy based on the evolving needs and sectoral development priorities

The CHAISE Expert Advisory Board is made up of 17 experts and representatives from industry, education, policy making, civil society and scientific communities from 15 European countries.

Composition of the board

Organisation Country
Blockchain and Cloud Computing Dept., University Lyon 1 France
INATBA United Kingdom
EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum Greece
Baden Wurttemberg-State University Germany
Italia4Blockchain Italy
European Certification and Qualification Association Austria
University of Tartu Estonia
Economic and Social Research Institute Ireland
National Qualifications Authority of Romania Romania
University of Ljubljana Slovenia
Public VET School “IEK Aigaleo” Greece
Fujitsu, Belgium Belgium
INDUSTRIA Technology Bulgaria
Polytechnic University of Catalonia Spain
Portuguese ICT Cluster Portugal
Budapest University of Technology and Economics Hungary