About the Project

A European approach

As a Sector Skills Alliance, CHAISE addresses the growing demand for blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) skills in Europe

Europe is in a leading position in many sectors that can successfully apply blockchain or other Distributed Ledger Technologies. At the same time, the lack of digital skills throughout Europe threatens to hamper and slow down innovation.

In this context, the core mission of CHAISE is to develop a strategic approach on blockchain skills development for Europe. CHAISE will deliver future-proof training solutions, in order to tackle blockchain skill shortages and to respond to the current and future skill needs of the European Blockchain workforce.

A European approach to respond to prevailing skills and training challenges faced by the blockchain sector

A European Blockchain Skills Strategy

A European Blockchain Skills Ecosystem

A 5-semester Blockchain VET Programme

Transnational mobility schemes for Blockchain students & professionals

The first-ever “blockchain specialist” occupational profile

A forecasting mechanism to anticipate future blockchain skill needs

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