It has been 3 years since the CHAISE project was launched to tackle blockchain skills mismatches in Europe. In this article, we share the results achieved by the partnership in the past year and what’s next for the final year of the project

Bridging the blockchain skills gaps via cutting-edge education and collaborative initiatives – A glimpse into the latest developments and future outlook of the CHAISE Project

Blockchain technology is advancing at a rapid pace, creating a demand for skilled professionals that outpaces the current supply. Recognising this challenge, CHAISE has emerged as a driving force in addressing the growing need for blockchain skills. By fostering collaboration within the industry and providing learners with the tools to navigate the dynamic landscape of technology and business, CHAISE is actively contributing to empowering a more digitally sovereign, resilient, and competitive European Union.

Last year’s highlight: “Mastering Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies” Online Course

Over the past year, CHAISE has achieved a significant milestone in advancing blockchain education and skills development via the launch and implementation of the “Mastering Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies” online course. This comprehensive learning programme comprises 12 modules, guiding learners through three specialised career pathways: Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Architect, and Blockchain Manager.

To ensure the course’s effectiveness, industry and education experts from the CHAISE consortium collaborated to design a robust curriculum that delves into critical aspects of blockchain and DLT, covering architecture, security, cryptographic principles, business and legal concepts, and more. Recognising the diverse backgrounds of learners, the course is designed for participants to learn at their own pace.

Upon completing the modules from their chosen career pathway, participants can undergo a validation process leading to a certification that recognises their acquired knowledge and skills. To harmonise occupational requirements and facilitate the recognition of Blockchain skills across the European Union, the consortium has also developed a roadmap for qualification/accreditation bodies and Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers that establish a common ground for programme specifications, training delivery, accreditation, etc.

Looking ahead: Consolidating the European Blockchain Skills ecosystem

In the final year of the project, CHAISE will continue extending its alliance. As Blockchain Skills for Europe Alliance, CHAISE has opened up allowing interested stakeholders to contribute to the project’s works as a CHAISE Associated partner. The Associated Partner status gives the opportunity to external entities to be involved in and benefit from project activities. The expansion of CHAISE sectoral cooperation will be one of the key elements of CHAISE National Information Days. In the coming months, the CHAISE partners will host 13 national events across Europe, promoting the CHAISE Blockchain Skills digital course and engaging with the broader blockchain community. These initiatives aimed at disseminating project results to industry stakeholders, E&T providers and public authorities at the national/regional level, will promote the uptake of project results to consolidate the European blockchain skills ecosystem and contribute to the growth of the industry.