своята европейска стратегия за блокчейн умения

A strategy for Europe

The way forward for addressing Blockchain skills mismatches and creating a EU Blockchain skills ecosystem

The CHAISE European Blockchain Skills Strategy is a key milestone of the CHAISE project. It provides a coordinated and practicable approach to respond to the current and future blockchain skills needs and deliver training solutions that meet the needs of the 21st century.

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The European Blockchain Skill Strategy builds on over one year of extensive research carried out by the CHAISE partnership, analysing the blockchain labour market and the supply and demand of blockchain skills, as well as on numerous consultations with key European stakeholders.

Led by CHAISE partner INATBA, the Strategy sums up the main results of the analysis and formulates a strategy and action plan to tackle the blockchain skills shortage in Europe and uphold Europe at the forefront of blockchain innovation.

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Blockchain Skills Strategy Brochure

The Blockchain Skills Brochure provides an overview of the main elements of the strategy, focusing on the five strategic objectives and their accompanying roadmaps.

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Blockchain Skills Strategy Press Release

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