Unique insights about the most required characteristics for blockchain related jobs

The Registry of Blockchain online job vacancies (D2.2.2) lists online job vacancies by means of which organisations and enterprises from across the EU search for suitable candidates to fill Blockchain-related positions in different industries and economic sectors. The database is comprised of 338 records from 13 partnership countries and 5 other EU countries. 

You can consult the collected job vacancies in the AirTable below.

Please note that the positions listed in the table might not be vacant anymore. The purpose of this list is to analyse the most required characteristics of blockchain positions and thus to contribute to improving skills intelligence in the field and provide an open access source for all interested parties.

Registry of blockchain online job vacancies

The AirTable allows you to easily filter the job vacancies by country, minimum qualification required, level of working experience, etc. ! Graphs about the job vacancies’ statistics are available under the table. You can also consult the full AirTable here.

Blockchain job vacancies statistics